Friday, February 25, 2011

Don´t freak out if your plan doesent work.

Replanning your trip will be necessary seveal times. Some plans dont work and some ways are impossible to go. There is 2 solutions for that you have to be prepared for:
a) Preparation, preparation, preparation
b) don´t panik if something goes wrong. And something will eventually go wrong...

What could be the worst thing to happen for you? To get raped, taken away the passport and stolen all your stuff or to have to spend the night on the bare ground?

No, no I don´t want to scare you. Just notice the difference in the severity and think about how many times you freaked out about something even much smaller than the latter incident (having to sleep on the bare ground). Take it easy, these are life lessons you wanted to take when you decided to go travelling.

Now, I don´t want to scare you off and as an experienced hitch-hiker, I know that anything can happen. However, if your preparation is good, you can avoid the really serious things to happen. Also, what most people believe – especially those who never go abroad – is that this general – from heaven sent – rule is gererally true:
If you go abroad, something bad will happen.

Honestly, I wouldn´t walk alone on the street at night in my own city with all my valuables on me, so I wouldnt do it somewhere else. I wouldn´t leave my bag unattended in a bar in the town I live, and neither in ANY town of the world. I wouldnt withdraw 1000 Euros from a cash machine at night, never ever at all carry that much money on me.

Just think reasonably. Avoid touristy places. Not only due to security, but also because they are usually tourist-traps and you will easily spend all your money there. You are a professional vagabond now, stay cool and stay with me, until next time..

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