Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding hosts with couchsurfing?

Most people think it`s easy to find a host over couchsurfing. It really isn´t. It´s not an accomodation/hotel service. Since the cultural and personal exchange is the mayor approach of couchsurfing, potential hosts look for guests who couchsurf for that objective. Usually I need to write several requests which consist of a message with very long and personal content with arrival and departure dates, which are sent over the platform. The host can then read the profile of the potential guest and choose if he wants to host this guest or not.

Having said that, I choose my hosts and guests whisely. I normally choose people who have something in common with me or people whom I might be able to learn something new from. That way you can fully steer your hosts and guests. Before I send out a request, I read the entire profile, yes, including all the references the person got and received. Why? Because I dont want to be hosted by just anyone.

So if you only want to find free accommodation then couchsurfing is defninitely NOT what you should participate in.

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