Friday, February 25, 2011

Yes I did it, I travelled Europe on 5 EUR a day

What are you thinking when you are reading this? I don`t think its a big deal actually. 5 Euros is alot of money for most people in this world.

Here is what I used the money for:


Contributions for my host

That`s all??? YES!

What i did was the following:
- I travelled by hitchiking. Travelling by hitchhiking is alot more inconvenient and takes much longer than simply borad a train. It requires alot of planning and organising too. It might not be that funny sometimes to stand by the road in pouring rain.

But I gained alot by doing it:

- I cooked my food myself instead of eating out.

- I participated in fun things that are for free

- I travelled slowly and saw things i would never have seen otherwise.

- I stayed with locals by using couchsurfing and hospitality club.

The Hitchhiking lifestyle is... not always bright.

People laugh at you because you look like a homeless.

People are afraid of you because you do hitchhike. Some believe you want to rob them or steal their car.

People look at you weirdly while collecting pet bottles for the recycling revenue (pays money in some countries) and DO think you are a homeless.

I didn`t bother, because I knew, somebody friendly will stop eventually and that gave me the power to stand there forever and keep smiling. Read more about my hitchhiknig stories!

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