Monday, September 10, 2012

Travel series: Norway. The most beautiful boat trip in the world

Welcome back my friends:  I recently made this trip by Hurtigruten in Norway. 

Hurtigruten used to be the post ship in Norway. It was not only the sole transport means in winter in old times, but now it is the fastest. Nowadays it is still very popular and many norwegians use the boat in winter. It is quite affordable in winter totally overpriced in summer though. It is really worth a thought my dear friennds. Sit on onboard and relax. Enjoy the view and the northern lights instead of bothering with iced roads and the cold, moose accidents and the lot!

Since I didn´t have much time, I only cose to ride from Trondheim to Tromsö. This took 2 days and nights. I saw the northern lights and relaxed during these 2 days. I would sit in the lobby and simply watch the amazing scene. This enchanted landscape is truly miracilous. One cannot get enough of it anyway..

Pic is from this website! They have more amazing pics there :)

I can strongly recommend the journey. It is however best to split it up in little bits, unless you want to eat restaurant food for the whole time. There is no means of finding food onboard other than what you get in the overpriced restaurant. It´s your choice!

Links for you my dears:
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