Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why you need to know exactly WHERE you are going

Organisation, organisation, organisation...

I cannot stress that enough. Preparation is the most important when you hitchhike. You have to get ready BEFOREHAND and get information about where you are going and how! 
This is how I usually do it: 

  • Study maps well beforehand. Find out where you will need to stand for getting a lift and how you can get there. For example what city bus number is taking you near the highway. Nowadays with google maps and streetview it´s really really easy! The Hitchwiki will help you most!

Find the perfect spots with hitchwiki google maps based map with comments from fellow hitchhikers
  • Lets say you need to get from A to F, then you need to study and write down all cities/towns inbetween including, their on and off points and all the big gas stations along the road.
(By on/off point i mean the place where its best to get another ride further continuing your destination F)

It really is hard work to plan hitchhiking.. Expecially if you need to change highways in countries with lots of diffeent highways (Germany for example). Also, if you need to be at a certain point at a certain time this can make you nervous. Its better to plan enough time then.

  • Don´t try to make too many kilometers in one day. Better split it into 2 days and use the rest of the day for resting and looking at the town/sights inbetween. 

Ok, folks thats all for today, I am off to hitchhiking!

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